Cup cup, self release
cnb-cp, self-release
Self-dissociation self-emission

Win The Night (Remix), Au Levoire Simone, (Moshi Moshi Records)
"Unison" cup, self-release

Last Spell EP-Dey, Self Release
Contact-Self Delete


2014 Dezia Stadium, Brooklyn, New York 2015 Dey The Knitting Factory, Brooklyn, New York 2016 Dey Babycastles, New York, New York Dey The Glove, Brooklyn, New York Elvis Guest House Resident DJ @ Hot Topic Monthly Party The Jane Hotel, DJ New York Hot Topic Month Party, New York, Rooftop Bar Venson Man, w / Jon Kiritharan, Tilt, Brooklyn, New York 2017 Dey The Living Gallery, Brooklyn, New York Dey Powrplnt, Brooklyn, New York

Dey Super Friends Fest openig, a secret project robot in Brooklyn, New York "The Eyewitness witness" written by a robot in the secret project of Ariel Max in Brooklyn, New York The only kid's secret project robot in Brooklyn, New York Dey Noodle Conference Beach Gloves, Grove, Brooklyn, New York Dey The Casual Art Fair Hester Street Fair, New York, New York (search this video) Day Park Church Cooperative, Brooklyn, New York Moon di Spitter MoMA PS1, Queens, New York 2018 Dey Lust Spells EP announces secret project robot, New York, Brooklyn Dey h010, New York, Queens VenSecmanSecret project robot, Brooklyn, New York, New York, New York Qu, New York Dey with Las Cruxes Liquid and Joint Development Opportunity in Austin SonMan, w / Jon Kiritharan 3405 Charles St., Austin, Texas Dey Trans Pecos, Brooklyn, NY Caitlin Baucom Trans Pecos, Brooklyn, New York, Caitlin Baucom and Glove and co (New York, Brooklyn) VenÃsonson Trevorshaus, Brooklyn, New York York Jointl New York, New York, co-star with "Caitlin Baucom Secret Project Robot" New York, New York, co-Katrin Bow Cam Satellite Art Fair Art Hall New York, New York Cailtin Baucom Grace And Exhibition Space, New York York Dey Dae Dham / Melting Point New York Brooklyn, New York 2019 Standard East Penthouse (Any O Mi Over logic series) VenñsonManh 010, Queens, New York